W H Y   W E   L O V E   H O U S T O N   &
H O W   W E   G O T   S T A R T E D
 Ageint Security (Age Intelligent Security) was founded by Darrell Haynes in January of 2008. Darrell is a former LAV Crewman and Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Marine Corps. After his service in the Corps; Darrell studied instrumentation control and data detection at Bismarck State.
In Houston, Darrell saw a booming economy, burgeoning tech community, and explosive housing expansion. The Texas culture of hard work, innovation, resilience, community values, and a tremendous support of American Military Veterans made Houston the perfect place to launch his new business!

Due to its subtropical climate and periods of extreme weather; the environment in Houston presents challenges for effective security systems. With over 9,000 systems installed in this often-difficult environment, there is no question of our ability to engineer a system that will fit your unique indoor and outdoor needs.

 Throughout our growing communities; the need for high quality video and audio recordings have become critical to law enforcement in the capture and prosecution of criminals. While there are many off the shelf security solutions available to the consumer; quality and reliability vary greatly. Video evidence has become increasingly important to law enforcement and courts, throughout the country. It is critical that the system you choose is and the data collected is court admissible should it become necessary after an event. Not all systems provide data quality that is admissible as evidence. Security is our passion. We are committed to helping you protect your family and assets. We are a community resource offering free consultation to discuss the range of options available and help you understand the pros and cons of each type of system available to you.

Our commercial grade optics are state of the art. We only use the best in the business. This provides you with crystal clear views; not a pixelated blur, that you get with many other cameras. Our focus on top quality systems and partnerships with our suppliers set us apart from our competition. We are experts in creating individualized solutions, and experienced installers of advanced security systems.

What we offer is not just a camera in a box. We are engineering whole home, and business solutions customized for your specific needs. Be it a single camera, or a comprehensive monitoring system, we have you covered. And even better yet, our systems are backed by a support team of local professionals just a phone call away. We are always ready to respond.  
At Ageint Security, commitment to cutting edge technology, passion for providing professional grade products, and commitment to your individual needs, sets us apart from our competitors.
We make technology work for you!

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